Dominik Gresch

Physicist | Software Engineer

Hi! My name is Dominik. I enjoy solving complex mathematical and physical problems – once. To avoid doing it again, I like to teach it to the computer, building elegant, extensible, and easy-to-use software.


Most recently, I have been a Simulation Engineer at Microsoft Quantum. In this role, I built up capabilities for high-throughput materials screening, and studying the impact of material defects on Quantum computers.

During my PhD at ETH Zurich, I have developed a set of tools for automatically identifying topological semimetals.

Research Interests:

Condensed matter physics, in particular computational materials modeling and topological phases. High-performance and high-throughput computing. Quantum computing and quantum-inspired algorithms.

Open-source Projects:

By contributing to and maintaining open-source software, I get to interact with amazing collaborators from around the world.

I am a core contributor to AiiDA, a framework for high-throughput computations with a focus on provenance tracking. Among other things, I have designed and implemented its caching system.

During my Master’s, I have developed Z2Pack, a code for computing topological invariants in condensed matter systems. It has become popular in the community, and I continue maintaining it.

More open-source projects I am involved in can be found on the projects page.

Science Olympiads:

As a former participant of the International Physics Olympiad, I volunteer in organizing the Swiss Physics Olympiad – currently as its secretary. We aim to spread the excitement for physics to the next generation of scientists.

Furthermore, I am a member of OlyExams – we develop a software that supports the exam workflow at international Science Olympiads. Personally, I have been responsible for its operation at multiple international events, in coordination with local organizers.

Selected Publications

  1. Gresch, Dominik, Autès, Gabriel, Yazyev, Oleg V., Troyer, Matthias, Vanderbilt, David, Bernevig, B. Andrei, and Soluyanov, Alexey A.
    Physical Review B 2017
  2. Soluyanov, Alexey A., Gresch, Dominik, Wang, Zhijun, Wu, QuanSheng, Troyer, Matthias, Dai, Xi, and Bernevig, B. Andrei
    Nature 2015
  3. Gresch, Dominik